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New host for the blog with new tools

Has been a long while that I do own this domain (tglman.....

Setup Gitlab runner for run ci tests locally

Recently I stumbled upon a issue on a build for one of my side projects that showed up only on the gitlab ci and not locally, so for troubleshoot the problem I tried to setup the same environment on my machine.....

Self Hosting Feed Reader Server

Once a while I try to self host something new, this time was the turn of an feed reader, I started first looking for an app in F-Droid, today my phone is the place where I read news more often, and as well I was looking for something that was able to keep some history and preferences(mainly starred articles) even after a phone flash, so digging a bit around I found

Self Hosted Calendar Server With Radicale

Everyone of us need a Calendar, to organise time, not forget meetings, birthdays, dates, interviews, parties, etc.....

New Blog

Hi All, I usually like to build things almost from scratch, but this time i tired to do an exception,my old blog was written in php, night time, with my limited knowledge of design, it didn't really have an engine behind,it was more a few line of php for merge together a few html(5) hand written posts, it was quite hard to maintain and my focus was more on make it work, than actually put some content in it

So at the end i was not posting at all because it was not working ;).....


New host for the blog with new tools
Tags: rust, self_hosting

First Week Librem 5
Tags: librem5

Rust lib error management, multiple enum approach
Tags: rust

Setup Gitlab runner for run ci tests locally
Tags: self_hosting

Setup Gitlab shared runner for run tests on windows
Tags: rust



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